Korea Postal Code System Change – 5 digit postal code

The Korea Postal code system changed from a 6-digit postal code system to a 5-digit postal code system on August 1, 2015. FedEx converted its system to the 5-digit postal code in early 2016, customers who still supply old 6-digit postal code pls known that HYSTOU will follow FedEX requirement and convert the 6-digit postal codes to the 5-digit postal codes to facilitate smooth customs clearance.


Starting April 4, 2016, the FedEx system only accept 5-digit postal codes on shipping documents for all shipments to and from Korea and in all FedEx shipping tools, including ‘Get Rates & Transit Times’ and ‘Schedule and Manage Pickups’ on fedex.com. On and after April 4, 2016, the old 6-digit postal code will not be accepted by the FedEx system.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to the 5-digit postal code, it is advised that users of FedEx automation tools, including ‘FedEx Ship Manager software’ and ‘FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com’, update the postal codes in their address book from the 6-digit to the 5-digit postal code starting April 4, 2016.

To find the 5-digit postal code based on the road name address or land-lot number address, please visit Korea e-Post site and search under the Postal Code Finder.


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